Deeds of a Bowerbird (Solo show opening)

On Friday, September 29th I will be opening a solo show at Spoke Art in San Francisco. This show is the result of the last two years of work in my studio and will only be up for two days. The opening reception will be from 6-9pm on September 29th, and the gallery will be open with the show on display on the 30th from 10am-6pm. The gallery is located at 816 Sutter St in San Francisco. You can see a collector preview of the show here. If you see anything that interests you, please email for availability. The entire show will be available for view and purchase online the week following the opening reception. 

This show continues my work exploring humanity's disconnection with the natural world. Exploring ideas of cultural identity being replaced by brand identity, the plethora of waste created by modern living and the antiquation of new technologies. The name of the show comes from the bowerbirds of Papua New Guinea. They are known for the bowers and nests they build to attract mates. Of particular interest to me is how they collect berries of the same color and create piles around their bowers to attract mates, but in more recent times have been known to collect plastic bottle caps and other human garbage. As I collect items to create photo references for the work I made for this show, I often felt like a bowerbird myself, digging through the refuse of human wat